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Ms Ruqayya

Foldable Pet Car Seat

Foldable Pet Car Seat

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Let's face it, as dog owners, we want to bring our fur babies with us anywhere we go.

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But are you tired of cleaning your car after every ride with your dog?

Do you want to keep your fur baby safe while driving?

Worry no longer! The Foldable pet car seat will solve your problems. Made from a 600 denier oxford fabric, our car seat provides your buddy a sense of comfort and a sense of security with its sturdy barriers and safety belt to prevent the dangers of slipping and sliding during those sharp turns and shortstops. At the same time, it prevents dirt, hair, and saliva from entering the car seat.

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The cushion contains an extension belt, can be buckled on the dog collar, prevent the pet from running, is practical and humanized, and effectively prevent the pet from scratching the seat, and urinating in the car.


  • Dimensions: 40x30x25 cm
  • Colors: Blue, Red, Pink, Black
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